Making of: Whirly Girl's Wedding

Confession: I spent more on my wedding flowers than my entire wedding wardrobe. I had a broad idea of what I wanted my bouquet(s) to look like before the wedding. I think one word can appropriately define the flowers I arranged for our day - Wild. 

I picked the things that were peak for the end of June and trusted my new shipping wholesaler to send the best product available. Peonies, roses, dark scabiosa and eucalyptus. I cut twisty and long branches from the tree in my front yard and foraged a little rose for Nathan's boutonnière - . shhhh, don't tell the neighbors. 

Our photographer came over the day before our wedding to visit and hang out while I played with flowers and my sisters baked pies for our wedding lunch. I made two bouquets - one for our hiking and wood tromping and a more delicate one full of peonies for our ceremony. A collection of smaller arrangements lined our table at lunch.