Thanksgiving Flower Class!

2017 has been the year of trying new things here at Whirly Girl flowers. As the year winds down we're launching one more new thing. 

Flower classes!

We're kicking off with a long and low arrangement for your Thanksgiving table. Come and enjoy  an evening with me - I'll have refreshments, flowers and all the supplies you'll need to create your very own masterpiece. 

Captured by Alissa Ferullo

Captured by Alissa Ferullo

This first class will be hosted at The Union at the Montgomery here in Sheridan, WY on Tuesday, November 21st. As a special gift, participants will receive an additional 15% off items purchased on the day of our class. You can find all the class details and register here

Stay tuned for future class announcements and send your class suggestions or requests my way. Interested in a private flower arranging party in your home? I'm your girl. 

All images by the talented Alissa Ferullo. 

A Bighorn Mountain Wedding

When I heard about the party Sean and Anastasia planned in the Bighorn Mountains, I was excited to be a part of it. A weekend of fun with their friends and family, a ceremony near the river followed by dinner and dancing under the trees. 

They wanted florals to match the mountains in June - lots of texture, bursting with green and just a hint of color. After describing their vision, they gave me free reign to make something perfect for them. 



Photography by BHP Imaging

A Story Book Wedding

These two lovebirds met in High School and were married on a warm September evening near Story, Wy. They wanted something wild and beautiful. Classy and fun. Dinner and dancing under the twinkle lights followed a ceremony in the meadow. Enjoy!

There are so many incredible pictures captured by the talented Rebekah Viola, I'm not going to apologize for posting so many. 

Making of: Whirly Girl's Wedding

Confession: I spent more on my wedding flowers than my entire wedding wardrobe. I had a broad idea of what I wanted my bouquet(s) to look like before the wedding. I think one word can appropriately define the flowers I arranged for our day - Wild. 

I picked the things that were peak for the end of June and trusted my new shipping wholesaler to send the best product available. Peonies, roses, dark scabiosa and eucalyptus. I cut twisty and long branches from the tree in my front yard and foraged a little rose for Nathan's boutonnière - . shhhh, don't tell the neighbors. 

Our photographer came over the day before our wedding to visit and hang out while I played with flowers and my sisters baked pies for our wedding lunch. I made two bouquets - one for our hiking and wood tromping and a more delicate one full of peonies for our ceremony. A collection of smaller arrangements lined our table at lunch. 

A Wedding in a Cloud

The day started early, a Thursday like most others. I woke up and got ready while the rest of the house slept in the early morning darkness. Nathan and our photographer - Christian Gideon - met me at the house at 6AM and we loaded clothes and flowers and snacks for the day into the rental car. After coffee and breakfast at our favorite cafe here in Sheridan (Red Velvet) we headed off to the mountain. 

We listened to music and talked about favorite artists and told stories on our way up the mountain while I finished my makeup in the car. My two giant bouquets overflowing into our laps in the back seat while the boutonnieres rode safely in the cup holders up front. Unconventional - yes. Perfectly us!

It was a little chilly when we stopped along the side of Hwy 14. Nathan grabbed his shirt and new jeans and trucked off into the woods to change while Christian and his cameras waited across the road and I slipped into my wedding dress in the shelter of the car. We didn't prepare for the swarms of mosquitos and before I even had my dress zipped I promptly smashed one on the front of my dress. Thankfully - it wasn't full of a recent victim and we got through the rest of the day relatively unscathed. 

Christian had picked a spot in the forest for our first look. While flying by on Hwy 14 it might not look like much but the tall pines, filtered sunshine and green carpet were lovely.  

The previous weekend we'd discovered a wild meadow full of flowers. On our way there a young moose came out of the river bed and startled us all. There was a moment of silence as we watched him nervously trot across the road and disappear again. 

We then headed back to our ceremony spot. Our families would be meeting us there in a few hours but we had some more adventuring to do. After putting on some lipstick and strapping on our hiking boots we set off on our wedding day hike. 

Yes, it is steep. Yes, I did it in my wedding dress. 

Yes, it is steep. Yes, I did it in my wedding dress. 

After reaching the summit, the clouds quickly rolled up the mountain side and surrounded it. Perhaps one of the more magical moments in our lives. 

We returned to the foggy parking lot in time to meet our families and say our vows in a meadow. Rather than the stunning views into the valley below we were surrounded by the fog. Like a blanket wrapped around us. 



Photography: Christian Gideon Photography
Ring: Erin Jane Designs
Earring: Blue Hour Designs
Dress: BHLD
Flowers: Whirly Girl Flowers
Location: Big Horn Mountains, WY

Are you looking for a Wyoming mountain wedding? Happy to consult and plan your perfect day. 



A Fairytale Wedding

Shawn had big dreams for her wedding - a grand entrance, sparkles and plenty of pink. We met through our church and after years of admiring my work - Whirly Girl was one of her first calls when her dashing tugboat captain popped the question. She trusted me with her vision and with some collaboration, incredible local flowers and a little bit of bling, we made those big dreams come true. 

Turns out when I decided to follow my heart and move to Wyoming, Shawn took my position at Highrock Church. We had the fun of working together in those last few weeks which  gave me a chance to know her better and craft the perfect wedding florals for their big day. 

Our sweet and very talented friend,  Joanne Shih designed a perfect paper/digital suite to compliment the day. Dahlias for the reception were grown locally by the exceptional Five Fork Farms. 

Captured by: Lens CAP Productions